Direct Mailing Solutions,
A Division of Litho Craft

Litho Craft building
21021 66th Ave West
Lynnwood, WA 98036


A Little History
About Our Company

Now located in Lynnwood, Washington, Direct Mailing Solutions was founded 17 years ago in Kirkland by seasoned veterans of the mailing industry. We merged with Litho Craft in May 2010 in order to accommodate increasing growth in printing and mailing. Our company specializes in providing comprehensive data, mailing and printing services for area businesses, with the objective of optimizing the cost efficiency of their client’s postal programs. Our company vision is to provide a level of service and convenience unique in the mailing industry. Most mailing customers’ needs are simple: they want good communication, timely responses to questions, reliability and economy. We are committed to providing these things better than anyone else in the business.


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